Welcome to Cassette Kismet, a website that combines rad tunes with rockin’ reads…and hopefully keeps it a bit less corny than that sentence you just read (but honestly, no promises).

So basically, there is little else that gives me more satisfaction than making the perfect mix-tape (or CD or playlist) and when you add in a literary factor, I get really excited…like giddy. I mean, look, I get it. You may be wondering,”What the heck is a literary mixtape?” Essentially, it is a playlist of songs inspired by a particular book or character. That may lead you to the thought, “What gives you the right to create a playlist for *insert name of famous book/character*?” The answer, not much, BUT, I am a librarian, so I know a thing or two about books, and while I’m no musician, I’ve been *ahem* crafting mix-tapes since, well, since they were on actual cassette tapes. And when I get that playlist just right, it always feels a bit like magic, or fate (a.k.a. kismet). So, at any rate, I hope you enjoy this pet project of mine. Maybe you will find a new book, a new favorite band, or be inspired to create your own literary mixtape. Who knows? At any rate, Enjoy!

P.S. It seems fitting that I give myself a playlist, all things considered, so for a further introduction to yours truly, check out my aptly titled “me-mix”, a playlist of some songs near and dear to my heart. <3